Enhanced Billing

Keep your patient’s balance top of mind by adding automated text & email reminders between your regular statement billing. Frequent reminders and expanded communications ensure you get paid faster. Plus add personalized messaging to printed inserts with your statements to add urgency and clarity to your patients’ bills.

Simplified Billing that Gets You Paid Faster

Optimize your billing.

Relying solely on monthly patient billing statements often means waiting months for payments. Enhanced Billing combines mail, email, & text to optimize communication messaging and frequency. 

Enhanced Billing


Reminder Automation

Set it and forget it.
Specify reminder rules to automatically send up to three text and three email reminders each month until the balance is paid.


Mailed Inserts

Choose from our library of customizable templates to print as inserts with your mailed statement that remind patients about their outstanding balances.


Text Reminders

Send eBill Notices where patients are most likely to see them: their phones. Patients can then easily view their bills on their mobile devices through the link you text them.


Email Reminders

Send eBill Notices through email to remind patients to view and pay their bills.