Print & Mail Bills

BillFlash makes is easier, faster, and less expensive to have all of your patient statements printed and mailed. Plus, you still maintain complete control of the process and approval of each bill.

Simplified Billing that Gets You Paid Faster

Send bills in minutes.

BillFlash does the behind-the-scenes work for you so you can focus on what matters most.

Automated Print & Mail


Fast Delivery
Approved bills are mailed the next business day. 


Payment Coupons and Return Envelopes
Each mailed bill includes a payment coupon and return envelope. This reduces your processing costs and increases your payment cash flow.


Customizable Templates
Easily change the design and messaging of your statements to best suit your practice. Change the color, edit messages, and specify the forms of payment you accept.


Billing History
Past and current bills are easy to find online. The patient sees exactly what the office sees, keeping everyone on the same page and reducing calls to the office.


Address Reports
Save time finding and updating addresses. Our Address Change Report pulls all your changed addresses for you so you can easily update your billing records, and our Bad Address Report helps you find and correct records with invalid mailing addresses.


Addresses Updated Automatically
With the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) service, your mail is automatically printed with new addresses. Your bills will be mailed correctly and on time. 


Comprehensive Delivery Reports
Easily find all the billing details you need, from when files were processed to when they were sent.